e-paithros Cluster is an innovative initiative in the field of rural tourism that focuses on the cooperation of companies, bodies, academic and research institutions and local government. The cluster seeks to support innovative actions with the help of modern technological methods and processes.

Epaithros One

Objectives of e-paithros Cluster

  • Management of the needs of member companies  
  • Training, education, skills improvement 
  • Liaison & collaboration with research bodies  
  • Development & evolution of collaborations – synergies
  • Enhancing extroversion
  • Improved performance 

Services to members

  • Provision of Research & Study services
  • Creation and use of Databases
  • Operation of a business ideas bank  
  • Utilization of new technologies
  • Transfer of know-how & experience
  • Support for cooperation and partnerships with academic institutions
  • Strengthening international collaborations  
  • Consulting services
Epaithros Two
Epaithros Three

The benefits of being a member of the Cluster

  • Common identity- brand name  
  • Synergies- collaborations
  • Improving performance-skills  
  • Seizing opportunities 
  • E- learning – mentoring- coaching 
  • Crisis & risk management  
  • Cultivation of business ideas  
  • Technology- know-how transfer