Kazantzakis Museum – Completion of the accessibility project: “Kazantzakis for everyone”

Kazantzakis Gia Olous

Kazantzakis Museum – Completion of the accessibility project: “Kazantzakis for everyone”

The Kazantzakis Museum completed the project “Kazantzakis for all: improving accessibility to the author’s work ant the Museum”, which was funded by the Ministry of Culture as part of its program for museums of modern culture.

The Permanent Exhibition of the Museum is now partially accessible for the visually impaired, through a central tactile route. The route includes eight stations with special markings in capital letters and Braille code in Greek and English, embossed floor plans for navigation, tactile objects to enhance the experience through touch, audio guide, inclusive video and, finally, selected informative texts, anthology of author texts and audio books.

As part of the inauguration of the project and this year’s International Museum Day, two related activities took place on the weekend of May 21-22, 2022. On Saturday, a special tour of the Permanent Exhibition and the tactical route to members of the Regional Association of the Blind of Crete took place. On Sunday, the family educational program “Reach where you can not” was implemented, where through the objects of Nikos Kazantzakis and the tactile path of the Permanent Exhibition, the participants “discovered” the visual disability and the accessibility of visually impaired people in the museum spaces

The educational program for awareness of issues of visual disability, “Reach where you can not”, will be included in the educational programs of the museum and in the new school year it will be offered as an option to the educational community.