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Μunicipality of Lassithi plateau
Lassithi Plateau is in the homonymous municipality and is about 70km away from Heraklion. The Municipality of Lassithi plateau, one of the eight Municipalities of the Regional Unit of Lassithi, occupies most of the western side of the mountain complex of Dikti. The number of inhabitants of the Municipality amounts to about 2.500, while it consists of 11 municipal districts. It is the only municipality of an island region in Greece, which does not touch the sea at any point, a fact that adds special interest. The primary production sector occupies a dominant position in the Municipality regarding employment. At the same time, the region favors the development of alternative forms of tourism- mainly rural and agri-tourism – while accommodation can support this effort, provided that they operate almost all year round.

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AKOMM-PSILORITIS Developmental S.A. was founded in 1988 with founding shareholders the Municipality of Anogeia, the community of Axos, the community of Gonia and the Agricultural Industrial Cooperative of Anogeia and is the most important development tool of the wider region. Since 1991, the area of ​​intervention of the company is the wider area of ​​the mountain mass of Psiloritis.


Hellenic Mediterranean University
The Hellenic Mediterranean University is an evolution of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete, which was a public academic institution of Greece, based in Heraklion, Crete, and with branches in Chania, Rethimno, Agios Nikolaos, Ierapetra and Sitia. It was founded in 1983 in Heraklion and belonged to the Tertiary Technological Education since 1983 and to the Higher Education since 2001. Mission of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete was Higher Education in a range of specialties, Postgraduate Education, research, and direct contribution to the development of Crete and Greece through Lifelong Learning, technological and consulting services and know-how transfer. In Hellenic Mediterranean University, the Tourism and Entrepreneurship laboratory has been operating since 2015, which has undertaken and implemented, during these few years, a series of projects, both at local- regional and European level.


Institute of Technology & Research- Institute of Informatics
The Institute of Technology and Research was founded in 1983 and is one of the largest and most well- organized research centers in the country, with international recognition and highly skilled staff. It is supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation of the Ministry of Development and Investment. It is based in Heraklion and consists of 8 Research Institutes. among them is the Institute of Informatics. The Institute of Informatics conducts basic and applied research and plays a leading role in the development of the Information Society at national and international level. Its main features are its research excellence, interdisciplinary approach and the constant effort to transfer research results and technologies that it develops in industry and society


Social Cooperative Enterprise of Collective and Social Benefit of life society “Ν-ΙΔΕΑ Cooperation”
The “Social Cooperative Enterprise of Collective and Social Benefit of Anogia” with the distinctive title “Ν-ΙΔΕΑ Συνεργασία», is based in Anogia, Rethymno and was founded in November 2017. The company was established by 7 members from the area of Anogia and its main purpose is the collective and social benefit and the sustainable development. The activities aim, among others, at the production of products and the provision of services related to culture, environment, ecology, education, with services of public benefit, the promotion of local products, the preservation of traditional activities – professions, the protection of common goods, the protection and restoration of the natural environment, biodiversity and geodiversity, the strengthening of locally supported agriculture or livestock, the process of reducing waste production at local level, the production and promotion of independent cultural creation and finally, real estate management with social and environmental criteria. “Ν-ΙΔΕΑ Cooperation” includes infrastructures such as: the Shepherd’s House (theme park), a Music Study Area (material digitalization for artists) and the Archeological Information Center (exhibition of data and information from the excavation of Idaion Antro and Zominthos).


Sitia Development Organization
Sitia Development Organization, Local Development Company SA, is one of the first 3 Developmental Companies in Greece. It was founded in 1988 and has participated in over 53 development projects, programs & studies. It aims to contribute to the integrated development of the former Province of Sitia, the Regional Unit of Lassithi and the Region of Crete.


Educational Developmental “Ploigos”
The Lifelong Learning Center, Educational Developmental “Ploigos” is a Civil Non- Profit Company based in Heraklion and develops regional activities, through the operation of educational centers in the Regional Units of Heraklion, Rethimno and Lasithi. The center was established in 1995 by seven development companies that cover geographically the largest percentage of the Region of Crete, providing adult vocational training to unemployed, self-employed and special groups of the active population. “Ploigos” is certified as a Vocational Training Center of regional scope in 9 thematic areas: environment, tourism, services, agriculture, technical – transportation, health and welfare, culture and sports, education, economics-management and computer science. It has organized special section for the development of actions to support groups of the population who are excluded from the labor market and are also subjected to social exclusion.

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Regional Development Company of Crete
The Regional Development Company of Crete S.A. (P.AN.ETAI.K.) was founded in 2003 under the name Anaptixiaki Chania SA in order to take over the management of the then Regional Market of Chania and the building complex in Agyia. The activities of P.AN.ETAI.K. SA  are enriched every year with the planning of actions, the implementation of studies, programming contracts and the implementation of projects through National / European programs, programming contracts, etc.


Management Unit of Samaria National Park and the Protected Areas of Western Crete
The Management Unit of Samaria National Park and the Protected Areas of Western Crete, is a Legal Entity Under Private Law, which reports to the Ministry of Environment and Energy and is responsible for the administration and management of the Natura 2000 areas of Western Crete. These areas, apart from their self- evident value as environmental landmarks of Crete and Greece, are also fields of anthropogenic activities, with emphasis on tourism. The Unit seeks the participation and implementation of actions of local, regional and national character, aiming at the sustainable development and management of these areas.

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The Municipal Enterprise for Culture, Tourism and Development of the Municipality of Heraklion – DEPANAL S.A. is a multi-shareholder municipal joint-stock company with the main shareholder being the Municipality of Heraklion with actions mainly of a cultural, business and construction nature and others aimed at promoting the local development, the implementation of human resource development and social care programs and the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens.  DEPANAL is responsible for the management of the Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion (, which contributes to the promotion of modern cultural life, by organizing festivals, conferences and artistic events of high prestige.


“Epimenidis”- Carob Mill
The Cultural Society of Panormo “Epimenidis” was created in 1998 and its members are- among others – residents of the area of Panormo. During its operation, the industrial monument of the Carob Mill was restored and transformed into a contemporary space of art and culture. The main purpose of the company is the organization of Curriculum and Research, with emphasis on issues related to humanitarian education, language and art. The Program of educational and cultural events of the company consists of speeches, discussions, film screenings, exhibitions, music, dance and theatrical events In addition, inside the Carob Mill, where the company is housed, there is a space specially designed for tasting agricultural products.


Nikos Kazantzakis Museum
Nikos Kazantzakis Museum pays tribute to the great man of spirit, the writer, thinker, philosopher, politician, traveler Nikos Kazantzakis. It is in the central square of the village of Nikos Kazantzakis, the historical Barbarians (today’s Myrtia). The “Nikos Kazantzakis Museum” Foundation is a non- profit Legal Enity under Private Law. The Museum’s collection number over 50,000 objects (letters, holograms – autographs, publications – articles – studies, press releases, photographs, audio documents, animated items, theatrical material, works of art, personal items) some of which are presented in Permanent Exhibition and the rest are kept in the Archive of the Foundation. In addition to supporting research on the Kazantzaki project and the educational activity it develops, the Museum implements a rich program of actions, events and collaborations that make it now an important cultural institution of Crete, but also Myrtia, which hosts it, an attractive tourist destination.

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University of Crete- Museum of Natural History of Crete
The Museum of Natural History of Crete belongs to the University of Crete and was founded in 1993, while institutionally it exists since 1980. It is housed in the building of the old electric in Heraklion which has been donated by the Municipality of Heraklion to the University of Crete for this purpose. It includes the following departments: zoological, botanical, anthropological, paleontological, geological, mineralogical and has rich research experience, as it has participated in more than 86 national and European programs. It is the only institution in Greece which has organized dozens of scientific missions within the country and more than ten in Cyprus. It is active in matters of natural environment management, education, environmental awareness and the formation of ecological museums in Greece and the Mediterranean. In addition to its collections and workshops, an important goal of the Museum was the creation of an exhibition space where the public would have the opportunity to get in touch with the Museum’s collections and be informed about the natural environment.


Arcus Suites
Arcus Suites is in the heart of the village of Agryroupoli, in a neighborhood (ancient Lappa) with restored Venetian, stone mansions of the 14th century. In 2005 the Ministry of Culture declared the complex as a “Preserved Archeological Monument” and since then the houses and the surrounding area were renovated and 5 independent suites were created, respecting the style and architecture of the area. At the property the visitor can enjoy local products, attend Cretan cuisine lessons and make wine tasting of local wine varieties, as well as enjoy organized walks in the countryside and a sailing boat ride.


Country Hotel Velani
Country Hotel Velani is located near the village of Avdou, in an oak forest It has gardens with fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as an olive grove to produce olive oil. The property has a total of 12 rooms with a private garden or terrace. The cuisine of the restaurant uses the products produced from the gardens: virgin olive oil, wine from local varieties, meat and cheese from the local sheep and honey from the local beekeeper. During the stay of the guests are offered various activities, either relaxation or adventure experiences, such as bird watching with guide, routes on the E4 path in the Lasithi plateau, Swedish massage, aromatherapy, cycling, paragliding. The hotel also includes an equestrian center that offers lessons and day trips.


Delina Mountain Resort
Delina mountain resort is located about 1 km outside the village of Anogia, on the road to Nida, at an altitude of about 910 meters. The Delina complex extends over an area of 28 acres and combines the excellent facilities and services of a luxury hotel with the authenticity of the Cretan tradition and the wild natural beauty of the island. It consists of 13 elegant apartments with comfortable spaces, elegantly decorated, which offer the visitor a quality accommodation. All rooms have a fireplace, hydromassage and terrace overlooking Psiloritis, while the resort has 2 rooms suitably equipped for disabled guests. In the complex there are also: a shop with local products – souvenirs, stable, church, observatory, theater, lake, playground, and a traditional café.


It is a stone guest house in Psychro in Lasithi Plateau. The accommodation includes 8 spacious rooms, which operate throughout the year and also serve people with disabilities. The accommodation has been built in conditions of absolute respect for the environment, as it is located near the cave Diktaion Andron and must be in line with the uniqueness of the area. Along with the accommodation, there is a tavern that offers traditional Cretan cuisine.


Earino is built on the outskirts of Plsiloritis, above the village of Assites and has 3 independent traditional guesthouses, a restaurant that offers Cretan cuisine and a traditional café During the stay in Earino, guests are given the opportunity to participate in a series of many different activities. Thus, the visitor can take part in activities related to the Cretan way of life: the making of the traditional Cretan drink “raki”, picking olive fruit, harvesting vines and participating in the kneading of bread. In addition, one could walk or bike in the mountain that encloses the accommodation, to climb, canyoning, to cross gorges, as well as the E4 trail that connects the Forest of Rouva wih the village of Assites. Earino is a member of the Rural Tourism & Agritourism Association of Crete, while its restaurant has the “Land of Values” mark that certifies Cretan cuisine.


Eleonas Country Village
The complex of Eleonas spreads on a verdant slope, at the foot of Psiloritis, with centuries old olives, locusts, among aromatic plants and flowers, next to the village of Zaros. Its hostels are perfectly harmonized with the natural environment and they are made of stone and wood, offering all modern comforts to visitors. The award – winning restaurant “Elia” is certified as a Cretan Diet Restaurant and uses raw materials from farms in the surrounding area, the family garden and cheese factory and wines from local producers, while serving a certified Cretan breakfast. The activities organized by Eleonas in the rich nature of the area give the visitor the opportunity to get to know its uniqueness as it participates in wine routes, in routes to farms, as well as in cycling routes, in cooking lessons etc. There is also spa and massage relaxation and music nights are often organized.

Hona Holiday

Hiona Holiday Ηotel is is a warm place of hospitality that seeks to offer a comfortable stay. It is located in the easternmost part of Crete, in Palekastro, an area rich in history and culture. It is very close to the Palm Forest of Vai and the beaches of Chiona and Kouremenos, which is known as the beach of surfers.


Katalagari Country Suites
Katalagari Luxury Suites is located 17 km away from Heraklion, in the homonymous village, and started operating in 2003. It is built on a mountain and offers a view of the Cretan countryside. It consists of 14 suites that combine tradition with a different aspect of Cretan life and offers breakfast tailored to the needs of guests (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.). The location of the accommodation allows the visitor to carry out activities of various kinds: visits to wineries, archeological sites, nature, the sea etc.

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Milia Mountain Retreat
Milia is an accommodation of high ecological sensitivity, a mountain restored settlement of the 16th century with rooms that preserve the architecture and aesthetics of the mountainous region of Western Crete. It is located in an area included in the NATURA network, in a green valley, at 550m. above the surface of the sea, below the peak Psilos head of the Koutroulis mountain range. The settlement is surrounded by a forest with chestnuts, arbutuses, locust trees and a wide variety of trees and plants. The restoration of the old houses began in 1982, with attention to detail and respect of nature and has been operating as an eco-lodge since 1993, bringing the atmosphere and footprint of its former inhabitants to the present.

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Perachori Boutique Studios
Perachori Boutique Studios is a complex of three (3) open type rooms – studios located in the square in Perachori, in the historic village of Anogia Mylopotamos. Stone and wood are dominant materials, with handmade additions to give a special and warm feeling to the visitor. Its location allows the visitor to get in touch with the wider area of ​​the mountain range of Psiloritis and to interact with the local community.


Polydoros Hotel & Wine Bar
The hospitable family hotel Polydoros is in the heart of Paleochora, south Of Chania. It has 7 apartments which can accommodate up to 5 people and is ideal for family vacations, offering comfortable accommodation and relaxation. The place where it is located offers guests the opportunity to explore the nearby beaches and enjoy the Cretan landscape through walks and excursions in nature. In the courtyard of the hotel there is a wine bar which offers wines exclusively from local Cretan varieties, thus promoting local production.


Thalori is located in the village of Kapetaniana, in the mountain range of the Asterousia Mountains, and consists of 20 traditional houses that are an integral part of the village, preserve the Cretan architecture and offer modern comforts to visitors. The restaurant offers dishes and breakfast from Cretan cuisine, from pure, local, ingredients. The visitor can also enjoy a range of activities, as he is given the opportunity to choose between hiking, climbing, bird watching, horseback riding, mountain biking, downhill, canyoning, jeep rides, boat rides, fishing, participation in agricultural work, cooking lessons.

Villa Kerasia

Villa Kerasia
Villa Kerasia is in the settlement of Vlachiana, 15 km southwest of Heraklion. It is located at the southeastern foot of Psiloritis, at an altitude of 580 meters. It has 7 rooms and offers the opportunity to participate in various events related to culture, gastronomy, but also in activities related to climbing in Psiloritis. Also, the international hiking trail E4, which leads to an organized shelter, in Prinos, at 1.200 meters altitude is near the Villa. The kitchen of the Villa offers Cretan breakfast, special dishes (for diabetics, vegetarian, etc.) and custom dishes.

Villa Kynthia

Villa Kynthia
Villa Kynthia is a preserved mansion of 1898 located in the center of the village of Panormo, two hundred meters away from the sea. It was restored in 1991 with care and respect for tradition and thus the 5 traditional rooms of the complex were formed. Villa Kynthia is a member of the Rural Tourism & Agritourism Association of Crete and offers a Cretan breakfast, while music events are often held at the café-bar inside the mansion.


The company C.TR.S (subsidiary of the company KTEL Heraklion – Lasithi) was founded in 2010 to offer the best possible quality in travel and transportation. In 2011 innovates with its privately owned luxury buses that connect Crete with abroad. It has three ticket points: two in Heraklion and one in Agios Nikolaos as well as an excellently trained team of people who staff the company. The main criteria of the company are the satisfaction of the needs of even the most demanding customer, thus enhancing its dynamics daily and offering excellent service in the context of travel services: ticket issuance, tour organization, accommodation, group travel but also, consulting for individual passengers. The C.TR.S. team promises excellent tourist services with consistency and respect for the travel needs of its customers.

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KTEL HERAKLIO – LASITHI S.A. is the largest transport organization in Crete and one of the largest in Greece. With over 200 modern buses of all sizes, it carries out hundreds of routes every day connecting the largest cities of Crete with all its settlements, as well as mainland Greece within a context of combined transport. Its goal is the safe and fast transport of people and parcels to as many destinations as possible in Crete, in Greece, but also abroad.

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Oikologikos Kosmos (Greekferries Club)
Oikologikos Kosmos SA (trade name “Greekferries Club“) is an incoming travel agency, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Heraklion, Crete. The company specializes in online ferry bookings and ticket issuance through the websites, and cooperates with more than 40 ferry companies operating on both domestic and international lines. Amongst others, the company has created the affiliate marketing program offering cooperations to travel professionals as well as individual travel bloggers, and the customer reward program with over 330.000 members to date. The company’s goal is to combine continuous technological advancement and enrichment of its travel services along with quick, precise and customer-friendly support.


Alter sail- Nefalo
The company AlterSail started operating in 2007 and it is a travel agency that offers sailing tours. Its fleet includes several sailing boats of different sizes and categories, while it offers excursions in different directions, and duration of either a few hours or a day. The available excursions are organized in a way to cover different tastes: families, groups, corporate events.

Eco Diving

Eco Diving Center
Eco Diving Center is located in a modern and specially designed space in the area of Ammoudara in Heraklion and consists of experienced and trained staff. Its priority is the safety of its customers and the respect for the environment. The company maintains partnerships with global organizations (Scuba Schools International, Divers Alert Network, International Safety Equipment Association) related to diving and offers the highest level of learning, safety, and ecological diving experience. Moreover, the Eco Diving Center, in collaboration with the iSea, offers underwater cleaning, shore cleaning, workshops on ecological diving or marine ecology by specialized scientific staff related to marine science. Also, one day a month is dedicated to the environment and is framed by special actions. Through the way the business operates, maritime tourism on the island is strengthened, as part of ecotourism that includes nature activities.

Wine Of Crete

Wines of Crete – Winery Network of Heraklion Prefecture
The Network of Winemakers of Crete started its operation in 2006, wishing to follow a new route and to cultivate a climate of cooperation and synergies. The beginning was made with the Regional Unit of Heraklion, as the central core of bottled wines, thus giving the initial kick to what would follow in time, namely the Network of Winemakers of Crete. Two years later, the Chania- Rethymno Winery Network was created, while the Region of Lasithi joined the process, resulting in the achievement of the Network’s goal which was the structured promotion of Cretan wine inside and outside the island. The two bodies operate autonomously but always in collaboration with each other, under the umbrella of “Wines of Crete” on the basis of a collective action planning. The main objectives of the network remain the promotion and recognition of Cretan wine inside and outside the country, but also the development of the wine tourism current on the island while making use of several tourist advantages that exist in Crete.

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ByRaKi flavor
ByRaKi flavor was created with a source of inspiration from the classic Cretan raki – tsikoudia and the traditional liqueur. The Cretan spirit enriched with 25 different flavors from the Greek countryside, in many different ways to enjoy it. Aiming at innovation, ByRaKi flavor has been certified by the Industrial Property Organization.

Kappa Studies E Paithros

Kappa studies
KAPPA STUDIES is a vocational school certified by the Ministry of Education in the fields of Culinary Art, Pastry Art, Hotel Management and Dairy & Cheese, as well as being a recognized School of Meat Professions. Having 22 years of experience in the educational field and training professionals all these years, Kappa Studies contributes to the upgrading of the tourist product and in general in the field of food businesses. With new facilities, Kappa Studies is leading the way by having individual jobs for each student, aiming, from the very first moment, to have direct contact with the future professional environment.

Zeus Creta

Zeus Creta
The company was created in 2013 and is based in Psychro of the Lasithi Plateau. It is active in the specialized production and marketing of ceramics, in the collection, processing and distribution of aromatic herbs and plants of the Dikti mountain range, as well as in the production, standardization and marketing of extra virgin olive oil. In addition to the above, in a different space, a theme park related to Greek mythology has been created, which presents elements from the myths, traditions and local culture of the wider region of Crete. The theme park is unique in its kind in Crete and offers the visitors the possibility of automatic tour in 4 languages for about an hour, while special sound systems that frame it offer a sense of immediacy.

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Aegean Solutions S.A. specializes in the preparation and implementation of IT technological solutions in the fields of culture, environment and tourism. The services it provides primarily concern the collection, documentation, digitization and digital processing of data. Subsequently, the company designs and develops web portals, databases, multimedia applications, educational applications, as well as interactive browsing applications for every mobile device and screen type, using advanced technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). At the same time, Aegean Solutions S.A. provides integrated consulting services and functional solutions in the field of design, adaptation and application of the most appropriate technological methods and software applications, aiming at maximizing the benefit of its customers and at the comprehensive visibility of their content and actions.

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AlterVision was founded in 2000 and today its reputation exceeds the borders of Greece. The company’s offices are in Thessaloniki, while it collaborates with Critical Publics in London. It provides comprehensive strategic branding, Identity and Communication services to businesses and organizations and its staff is specialized in management, marketing, branding, communication, research, analysis, visual communication and design.

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CHOOSE S.A. is a company providing integrated communication and consulting services that respond to all the needs of its clients’ fields of activity and, at the same time, utilizes and highlights their potential to the fullest, through: Strategic Planning & Research Services, Development of Integrated Communication Plans, Creative and Content Production for all media, off and online, Digital Marketing Services (SEM, Google ads, Social Media Marketing, Community MGMT), PR & Events. CHOOSE stands out for its excellent knowledge of the business environment, the ability to identify opportunities that serve complex communication goals, to successfully face challenges, to create networks of high scientific expertise, in order to act as a valuable consultant in the fields of Communication, Media, of Marketing and Advertising.

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DRAXIS Environmental S.A. was founded in 2000 and is an environmental IT company with strong experience in providing solutions for the development and implementation of Environmental Technologies. DRAXIS has expertise in environmental applications as well as air quality monitoring and mitigation applications. Through the combined use of Geographic Information Systems technologies, Environmental know-how and Environmental Remote Sensing Software Products and Databases, DRAXIS offers its customers the ability to achieve substantial improvements in Environmental Performance.

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mcbs (Mediterranean Cloud Booking Services) is a growing company with the aim of offering specialized electronic services and business support applications for critical software functions in the field of transport and tourism-culture. Using cutting-edge technologies and agile development best practices, mcbs helps transport, tourism and entertainment companies design and implement modern, radical and innovative high-performance solutions at rational costs with a focus on access to the right information, at the right time, always functionally adapted to their particular requirements, either in the field of customer service, or in the field of decision support and management.

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Neurolingo is an innovative software company specializing in the knowledge and research intensive field of Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is staffed by a team of experienced computer engineers, statistical experts, linguists. They focus on solving business problems in natural language data management, knowledge extraction, sentiment analysis, semantic indexing, data quality control, statistical processing, dialog systems (chatbots). Its core product is Mnemosyne, a natural language processing platform with computational linguistics and modern machine learning natural language processing technologies. Mnemosyne has been used in various projects in Greece (such as public administration, postal services, banking applications, sports, tourism).

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The Medical – Diagnostic Center “ASKLIPIOS DIAGNOSIS” plays a leading part in the private sector of health services in Crete since 2008. With its complete and comprehensive staffing by a reliable team of specialized doctors and with the aid of cutting-edge technologies both in the domain of medical imaging, as in the laboratory sector and giving emphasis to continuous upgrading, training and updating, the center has as unique goal people themselves, with absolute respect to their needs. For almost 10 years, it remains consistent to its commitment to provide high quality and innovative health services, investing, above all, in their human dimension.