Tourist promotion Video of the Municipality of Lassithi Plateau

Provoli Dimou Ororpediou

Tourist promotion Video of the Municipality of Lassithi Plateau

The new video-spot of the Municipality of Lassithi Plateau was published.

Τhe video is the first project of the Municipality, for the promotion of the tourist product of the area, through experiences of the primary sector, the tradition, the unique natural beauty, the archeological sites, the winter-summer activities, and the physiognomy of the people of the Plateau Lassithi

Through powerful images, full of aromas of the place, the activities, services and infrastructure are displayed, which make the Lassithi Plateau a unique destination in all seasons, offering our visitors unique and unforgettable experiences.

Residents of Lassithi participated voluntarily in the production, devoting valuable time and giving their best, in collaboration with the Deputy Mayor of Tourism Nikiforos Gerakakis and the Deputy Mayor of Culture and Technicians Theocharis Kontogiannis.

Mayor’s Statement: “The production was financed by the Municipality’s own resources, while 3 more short videos have been created, which present separately the fine accommodation and catering services, activities and experiences of nature-loving and archaeological interest as well as the primary sector with excellent products of Lassithi. Our goal is to promote places of interest, gateways to Crete, travel agencies and exhibitions in Greece and abroad. We thank the dozens of volunteers for their participation in the promotion of our place, while very soon the project will be screened in a special event “.

Feel the energy and enjoy the destination, in the place where the God of hospitality Xenios Zeus was born.